Collected Stories

Memories from Asia

memories from asia book

Collected Stories

Memories from asia

Is the world a book and do those who do not travel read only one page?


Agathi Arvanitidou




October 2019



About this book

In this book, I describe my journeys in 8 different countries in Asia. The travel, historical and cultural information included are taken from my personal diary, my photographic record and various travel guides. Finally this material is supplemented with information and maps from the internet.
With geographical orientation from the East to the West, I begin the narration with Japan.
After Japan, I take you through my travels in China, Thailand, Singapore, Bali, Nepal, India and Turkey.

Travels are unique and unforgettable experiences that follow you throughout your life. These memories fill you with joy and optimism. It is this joy and optimism that I decided to share with you by writing this book.

I hope you will dream and travel through the pages of this book to the vast continent of Asia. You will meet the world’s most ancient civilizations and walk to the most populous countries in the world.

I believe that the book will keep you good company, calm you and relax you. A charming journey awaits you!

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Collected Stories

by Agathi Arvanitidou

memories from asia book

Collected Stories

by Agathi Arvanitidou


Collected Stories

by Agathi Arvanitidou

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